Thursday, May 31, 2007


"Every child is an artist.
The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up."
-Pablo Picasso

I am participating in a blog challenge from my scrapbooking mb, Scrapshare

So I guess I have a sad little life. I do not have ANYTHING from when I was a kid. Long story short, mom left dad, we lived with dad, saw my mom on a 1 week vacation when I was 10 with my siblings, and never went back to my dad's. He sold everything we owned so I have nothing from my childhood. Photos that my mom kept (thank GOD!), but that is all. No artwork, no clothes, no toys, no personal belongings, nothing.
And now, we have moved so many times and into a different country (USA) I purged everything I could so it was less stuff to move/unpack.

While I can't share my first piece of artwork, I can share my favorite piece, it is from my dad.

My dad is a fantatic artist. Here is a pic of our wedding "guest book" that he painted for us. I love Winnie the Pooh, so he incorporated that into it :) We left the canvas out for all of our wedding guests to sign and then framed it afterwards.

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I come from a family of artists -- in one form or another -- fine art, graphic art, architecture and so on. My aunt is fairly well known for her art, in fact. (

I am more a jack of all trades. I can draw (somewhat) I scrapbook,stamp cards, can sew, and love photography with all of its digital editing/photoshopping. You will see if the posts to come what I do (some not so great and some better than others LOL!)

Pregnant belly pics

Ok, so I LOVED being pregnant, but this factory is *closed*
I have a love for photography, but do not do it as a career (maybe I should?)
Anyway, I took pregnancy pics for a friend and they turned out sooo cute! Here is my favorite of the 100 I took!

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and here it is in black and white
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I have figured out how to use actions on my adobe photoshop and this black and white looks so much better than a grayscale!
Now, off to find more actions to download!

New Blog!

Well, I have decided to start a blog! I tested out myspace and it has waay to much cr@p on there and spam, so I figure I'll do this instead :)